Ivanovs art in Latvian Parliament

Latvian Parliament, the Saeima has added a range of information materials, to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn about the historical aspects of the Saeima building and its artistic value. A Latvian video is now available on Parliament's web site on the works of art at the Saeima from 18th century to the present day. In the middle of video, the ex-MP Karlis Lejskalns tells about art works presented to the Saeima and also about the "quite outstanding and unique artist" Ivanovs, whose painting "Janis Cakste" is located in the Yellow Hall.

The Parliamentary Press Service report of 08/10/2012 reports that the Parliament building is not only the workplace for its members, but also an important cultural monument that holds unique art treasures. Part of the art objects collection has been historically preserved but there are also a number of acquisitions, art donated by foreign guests of parliament, former members, as well as artists themselves. The video offers a look at Saeima's art works. 
The Parliamentary collection contains works by the renown Sotheby's sold Ritums Ivanovs but also Purvītis, Kalnroze, Svempe, Jurjāns, Poikāns, Mitrēvics and others.

Jānis Čakste (1859-1927) was a Latvian politician and lawyer who served as the first head of independent Latvian state as the Chairman of Tautas Padome (1918–1920), the Speaker of the Constitutional Assembly (1920–1922), and as the first President of Latvia (1922–1927).

Kārlis Leiškalns (born August 10, 1951) is a Latvian politician and art collector. He is a Deputy of the Saeima and a member of the People's Party.

Saeima is the parliament of the Republic of Latvia. It is a unicameral parliament consisting of 100 members who are elected by proportional representation, with seats allocated to political parties which gain at least 5% of the popular vote. Elections are scheduled to be held once every four years, normally on the first Saturday of October. The most recent elections were held in September 2011.

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