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3D art festival

Man In Art / XO Gallery

Kiev Art Fair 

Luxembourg Art Fair

Exhibition of the Zuzāns Collection

Head to Foot. Musée Würth France

Interview. Voog user experience

Scope Basel June 13-18

“Experimental Sidestep” in jewellery

Artsy with FELD+HAUS

Context Art Fair New York

Hyperrealism in LV National Museum

Arterritory studio visit before "Connect"

CONNECT. Solo show in Bastejs

Galerie Kohler Geneva

Paitings in Würth Collection catalogue

Solo exhibition at Kuldīga Art House

Mainzer Volksbank 23.06.2015

Latvian top artists do T-shirts

Painting for Imago Mundi of Benetton

Paintings in Würth Collection