Spezifikation #39. Curator’s Choice

From July 4th – August 8th, 2020, FELD+HAUS Gallery will host a group exhibition of gallery artists. First View will take place Saturday, July 4th. You will be guided through the exhibition in small groups. Book your time slot here.

FELD+HAUS (member of BVDG) was founded 2013 by Anna Lattmann (DGPh), art historian (PhD) and author. In the light of extensive experience in communicating art in galleries, museums and collections, FELD+HAUS aims to face the current art scene up-to-date but unconventionally. Alongside our exhibition series “Spezifikation”, the gallery established an event-focused format which allows us to react playfully, innovative and directly on contemporary art movements. From the beginning we strive to shape the gallery as a vibrant place where the awe of galleries vanishes for the excitement of art.

In February 2017, FELD+HAUS moved into spacious rooms in an old industrial building after remodeling extensively. Not far from the Städel museum and the Städel school, within walking distance to the Main river and the Schweizer Platz, we created a vivid place in the Gartenstraße 47 where high-quality contemporary art is displayed and lived with.

FELD+HAUS thinks outside the box, represents a program of international orientation and offers a platform for contemporary artists, mid-career, rediscovered and established. The approach was always to turn away from categorizing, but rather be fascinated by bold as well as profound and conceptual positions that stress a meaningful content.

Exhibition view at Feld+Haus. Photo Wolfgang Günzel

FELD+HAUS reacts on the abundance and symmetry of today’s art scene with a credible variety which relies on professional competence and wants to address and involve the viewer. FELD+HAUS curates its shows carefully, supports its represented artists in a professional way and consults private, institutional and corporate collections.

More info: FELD+HAUS

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