Painting for Imago Mundi of Benetton

Ritums Ivanovs has been chosen to participate at Imago Mundi, a large-scale international project of Fondazione Benetton. The project is a collection of over two thousand artworks with a 10 x 12 cm format, commissioned by the Benettons of established and emerging international artists, with the goal of uniting the diversities of our contemporary cultures in the widest possible mapping of 21st Century world art, for future centuries to glorify and decode
Ritums Ivanovs and an empty canvas

The future show will feature selected artworks from the United States, Japan, India, South Korea and Australia and now also from Latvia – including pieces from such diverse celebrities as Devendra Banhart, Bianca Casady, Laurie Anderson and Steven Soderbergh. This collection is similar to an open inventory able to contribute and show, how varying is the way the world is seen, studied and represented by artists and how their experiences help us to understand the riches kept into whatever is different and far away that the world offers to our interpretations.

The ex-head of the international fashion brand (and former Italian senator), Luciano Benetton has now turned his attention to contemporary art. In Latvia, the Mundi process is curated by Gallery Bastejs.

The exhibition Imago Mundi presents the collection made up of more than a thousand small paintings all in 10x12 cm format that Luciano Benetton has collected travelling around the world

For further info: Imago Mundi

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