Official portrait of President Berzins 

LNT News, August 11, 2019: The portrait of former President Andris Berzins (2011-2015) was commissioned from and painted by Ritums Ivanovs, one of the most popular Latvian painters, and was exhibited in Riga Castle next to portraits of other Latvian presidents. All portraits were put on display last November, the LNT News reported. Ivanovs was chosen by the former President himself to be the author of his portrait. The Chancery of the President then officially commissioned Ivanovs for the portrait after a long process where several art experts were involved to guarantee high artistic quality and historical value. 

Ivanovs with Berzins and Vejonis, LV presidents
Unlike his predecessors, Berzins' portrait is not painted with the Three Star Order chain nor the light blue ribbon used for festive occasions, but in a more modest manner only with the miniature badge for everyday use. The official portraits of Latvian pre-war presidents were painted by the artist Robert Muzis, while the two presidents of the restored republic, Guntis Ulmanis and Vaira Vike-Freiberga, were painted by artist Miervaldis Polis. This tradition was broken by Valdis Zatlers, who chose Ivanovs as the author of his portrait.

Zatlers' portrait was ready for viewing a year and a half after his presidency ended. Slowly - almost three and a half years - Andris Berzins came to see his own portrait. Meanwhile, the former President Vejonis (the 9th president, from 2015 to 2019) shall choose the painter for his portrait next year.
Former president with his son and team
Ritums hosting Mr. Berzins in his studio for a private view
New Work in Toronto
Large-scale paintings at Forest Plein air