Get the book: Contemplating Portraiture

The solo exhibition "Contemplating Portraiture" of Ritums Ivanovs, which took place 2022 at Art Station "Dubulti" (Jūrmala, Latvia) and later in 2023 at Kuldīga Art House, resulted in a 90-page art book. The book is both in Latvian and English and now available in my studio at Andrejostas iela 17 (Riga, Latvia) or just contact me via social media or email to get one.

Curator: Inga Šteimane
Design: Dārta Hofmane
Photo: Reinis Hofmanis
Text: Inga Šteimane
Translation: Nordtext
Editing: Ieva Zarakovska
Printing house: Jelgavas tipogrāfija
Paper: Arctic Paper Volume White 300g/m2, Arctic Paper Volume White 150g/m2
Supported by: Armands Garkāns
Thank you: Arctic Paper, GroGlass, Henrijs Bukavs, Lotos Pharma, VKKF, Valters Maziņš

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