INSIGHTS in Feld+Haus Gallery

Happy and proud to announce that Ritums Ivanovs is starting a new cooperation with Feld+Haus gallery of Frankfurt, Germany. His upcoming solo show INSIGHTS will take place this June. Established in 2013, FELD+HAUS is a gallery that reflects the zeitgeist and represents a strong program of artists and work with renowned establishments. The gallery aspires to encounter the world of art with a hands-on and modern approach and can do so based on its wealth of experience in commissioning art for galleries, museums and collections. FELD+HAUS provides a significant contribution in creating a more vivid form of Gallery. On a regular basis, pop-up exhibitions and events will take place in a verity of setting and all over the world These events will allow artists, collectors and art lovers to meet and invites to view and purchase original artwork.
In 2013 Anna Feldhaus Ph.D., art historian, photography expert and author, established the concept, consisting of a select group of emerging, international and contemporary Artists. Anna Feldhaus has always sought to look beyond the categorized and is fascinated by bold and profound positions of photography, painting and sculpture.

FELD+HAUS reacts to the abundance and the symmetry of the current events in art with an informed selection, which is based on specialist knowledge and considers the market. This is because art should not be an inaccessible luxury item nor should it be a product of mass consumption. In fact art shouldn’t be commodity at all. Art should attract and be enjoyed, inspire us to let our minds wander and enhance our lives in every way. Art is a good that never loses its value, when we are well informed. Feld+Haus combines, what is needed to achieve success: entrepreneurial spirit and passion. Feld+Haus procures exceptional young art, consults private, public and corporate collections.
The invite text (below in German) says: "Ritums Ivanovs (*1968, Latvia) painting is hyperrealistic yet unique. His focus is always on the interplay between the spectator, the portrayed person and the artist. The captured emotions, which arise by looking at the finished artworks, are powerful testimonies of our time. Ivanovs lines up his scenes and portraits just like film sequences. By taking fragments of an indefinite reality, a new reality is emerging that casts a spell on the spectator like an untamed dream in a twilight sleep. You think you can influence its course and in the end you have experienced everything, uncertain what is dream and what is reality."

Exhibition opening 8.06.2017
Address: Gartenstrasse 47 HH, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, DE
Exhibition open: 9.6.-15.7.2017

See Ritums page on Feld+Haus Gallery site
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