Exhibition in Theater Gallery 

For the first exhibition of the brand new Valmiermuiža Theater Café Gallery, painter Ritums Ivanovs shows work first time exhibited in Valmiera. His white plasters from the 2018 White Light exhibition and paintings from the 2013 Symbol of Illusion explore life, death, light and consciousness, draws attention to inner experiences and meaningful celebration of life. As the British philosopher Alan Watts once said, "The source of all light is in the eye", or, everybody's perception is subjective. Instead of conceptualization, the painter simply invites the viewer to connect with the seen.
Ritums Ivanovs is considered to be one of the most prominent Latvian artists who has gained international recognition. His attention is always focused on the interaction of the viewer, the pictured and the artist. Perceived emotions arising from artwork represent strong testimonies of our age. Ivanovs has had 22 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, he regularly participates at international art fairs. In 2009, his "Frame 05" was sold at Sotheby’s London auction, veryfying the quality of his work and paving the way for international success. Ivanovs has painted two official state commissions of the President of Latvia — Valdis Zatlers in 2012 and Andris Berzins in 2017. His works belong to collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow plus many private collections in Latvia and abroad.

Context: Located in Valmiera Drama Theater, the Valmiermuiža Theater Cafe is a new space not only for enjoying modern Latvian flavors, but also for various Latvian contemporary art forms. The idea belongs to the craft brewery “Valmiermuižas alus” in cooperation with the  theater and the architect of the new space Austris Mailītis. The interior boasts natural materials and colors, introducing the story of Vidzeme landscapes, at the same time reminding that the essence of contemporary Latvia is quite bright and draws inspiration from world cultures. 
This a diverse cultural space, where one can enjoy excellent Latvian meals and also various cultural and artistic activities (concerts and movie shows of films and documentaries, meetings with creative teams).
A short video of the exhibition
Ritums exhibition is open from 30 March to 24 May 2019.
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