In Abu Dhabi until April

March 28 til April 4, Ritums is residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for the Latvia Art Month organised by the Abu Dhabi Art Hub. The Hub, which is the first artist community in the United Arab Emirates and founded by Mr. Ahmed Al Yafei. The Hub invites international artists from across the world to live, create and exhibit in their premises and the current month is dedicated to Latvia. The artists are introduced to the sites, traditions and culture of Abu Dhabi and turn their inspiration into works of art. Participating artists: Andris Vitolins, Ritums Ivanovs, Ivars Drulle, Reinis Hofmanis, Sandra Krastina, Vineta Kaulaca and Magda Jentgen. Opening Exhibition: 28 March 7:00pm at Abu Dhabi Art Hub

Newsletter 2014
30 of 30. Exhibition in Kuldiga, LV