Erotic Movie 2002

The main subject for Ritums Ivanovs paintings are human emotions. Exhibition Erotic movie, Rigas Gallery, October 8-31, 2002, continues to explore artist’s interest about human within this intriguing theme.


The exhibition consists of 6 large scale paintings, which remind of flow and fragmentation of a movie. Ivanovs is a true director of this concept. The images used in this exhibition are taken from mens' magazines and internet sites with characteristic mimics and emotions. Technically Ritums Ivanovs in his art unites characteristic vision of photo realism, fragmentation blown in big scale and contrary color brightness of op-art, vibrant vertical lines. This exhibition’s lead colors are purple, pink, and red with contrary tones.

Exhibition Erotic Movie includes color photos which depict brightly lit streets in Paris near Moulin Rouge and slide video which is made in fast rhythm showing the same subject as in the paintings.

This exhibition manifests 21st century art trend of showing images that are known in society and they are taken from means of mass media.

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Ritums Ivanovs in Eva Poll Gallery