Works at Riga Gallery collection exhibition

The most popular young generation painter in Latvia, Ritums Ivanovs, shall participate at the gallery collection exhibition DREAM TEAM May 13 - June 26, 2010 at Riga Gallery (Riga, Latvia)

Pop and op art painter Ritums Ivanovs together with other Latvian super artists such as Blumbergs, Iltnere, Laganovskis, Kirke, Purmale, Vorkals and Gaile deal with topical issues in Latvian contemporary art and do form the team of brightest stars that have been stable in keeping their high position in Latvian art world since 1980s.

The members of DREAM TEAM cooperate with Riga Gallery and its charismatic director Inese Riņķe ever since the gallery was founded -- 16 years ago. Their participation at art events has always marked a guarantee to success at important visual art fairs in Latvian and abroad. The exhibition DREAM TEAM /shall show works from the period of 2007-2009. 

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Exhibition at restaurant Ostas Skati
STARS. LIGHTS ON. opening May 20