SOLD! Ivanovs painting sold at auction

The Ivanovs painting was from the year 2008 EXPOSED series. The charity auction and concert took place Match 20 at National Opera in Riga 

As of March 8, three Riga galleries hosted a show of 60 art works dedicated to the goal of supporting the Koknese Foundation of Latvia in establishing The Garden of Destiny, or "Likteņdārzs" in Latvian, a monumental project to memorialize the memory of Latvian nation that is the totalitarian regime victim of the 20th century. 

The antiquities and recent paintings of Latvian artists, including the Sotheby's-sold op-art painter Ritums Ivanovs can be seen in three galleries, Riga Gallery, the gallery of Ivonna Verheite and Gallery 21.

‘Likteņdārzs’ is a national and European-level project which with the support of Latvian people is being made on the Koknese Island, in the middle of the River Daugava. ‘Likteņdārzs’ is being made as a cultural and historical memorial site that will memorialize the memory of Latvian nation which has become the totalitarian regime victims of the 20th c. The project of ‘Likteņdārzs’ is launched in Latvia’s 90th anniversary and is planned to be completely finished in ten years – as a gift on Latvia’s 100th anniversary.

Shunmyo Masuno – a landscape artist from Japan – has visualized the Garden of Destiny. His work was selected as the best of 207 projects by an international jury. Architects Andris Kronbergs and Raimonds Saulitis along with „Design bureau ARHIS”, you, your friends and relatives and the people of Latvia are all helping to make this dream a reality.

Work began in 2008 with creation of the apple tree lane. The road around the perimeter of the island was made in 2009 thanks to donations. The central feature of the Garden of Destiny, the amphitheater, was begun in 2010 and continued in 2011. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to become a part of the Garden of Destiny.

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