Swedbank Art Collection

Ritums Ivanovs works that belong to Swedbank Art collection can now be seen at the Collection's art extensive catalogue revealed at "Values", a group show Swedbank art collection that can be viewed from September 21 to the end of November in the bank's central building in Riga, Latvia.
"In my opinion, our art collection is one of the bank's most valuable public projects. Swedbank aims to support the work of local artists in creating a collection of works of art, and these works are not locked in safes or storerooms on a daily basis, but can be viewed freely in various workspaces, to give an opportunity not only to employees, but also to other art lovers to get some inspiration, we are happy to exhibit works of art for the general public," says Reinis Rubenis, Head of Swedbank Latvia.

In order to make these art values ​​available to a wider audience together, thematic exhibitions will be held regularly and they will be open to the public.

From September 21, the works of Latvian artists, without whom the history of Latvian art is inconceivable and who have determined its direction from academic realism to the directions of modern art of the interwar and Soviet periods, will be on display. The authors of the pearls of the exhibition are Ludolfs Liberts, Imants Vecozols, Vilis Ozols, Džemma Skulme, Jānis Tīdemanis, Rūdolfs Pinnis, etc.

"Each of the represented artists with their handwriting and genre or theme stylistics is a canonical master in Latvian painting. The works collected in the exhibition tackle different eras, trends, directions and currents," explains the curator of the exhibition Anna Heinrihsone.

The exhibition "Values" of Swedbank art collection can be viewed from September 21 to the end of November in the bank's central office building in Riga, Kipsala, Balasta dambis 15, 2nd floor.

Swedbank Headquarters houses a collection of Latvian contemporary art created in cooperation with Latvian National Art Museum. The collection showcases authors whose work has long crossed the boundaries of Latvian painting school traditions. Their work represents virtually all the 20th century art directions. Those are paintings, graphics, photographs and sculptures created within the last 20 years. The art collection is continuously being developed, enriched and added to.

Swedbank Latvia is the largest bank in Latvia which nearly 1 million people and 75,000 businesses have chosen as their partner in financial matters. Swedbank operates with a view to promoting sustainable welfare for the many households and enterprises.
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