Latvian top artists do T-shirts

The LV foundation "Art Needs Space", in collaboration with the internationally recognized fashion designer Ati Artemjevs has created new contemporary art-inspired T-shirt collection to familiarize you with the most prominent Latvian contemporary artists. The set also features a piece by Ritums Ivanovs. The foundation was founded with the aim of getting a contemporary art museum erected in Riga so that Latvian art, the country's competitiveness, the strengthening of the nation's identity, the tourism industry and the development of art education could be promoted
Ritums Ivanovs with a newly created shirt DREAMERS
The project has involved such prominent artists as Arnis Balčus,  Katrīna Neiburga, Daiga Krūze, Ilze Avotiņa, Paula Zariņa, Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa, Paulis Liepa, Kristians Brekte, Māra Viška, Vija Zariņa, Agate Apkalne, Ieva Iltnere and Jana Briķe. 

The project aims not only to promote the most talented representatives of Latvian art, but also to continue the public debate on the need for the Contemporary Art Museum, as well as to promote interest in current events in modern contemporary art. When buying an artsy T-shirt, its new owner can be proud for its exclusive fashion design elements and also for the ideas and values it represents. Figuratively speaking, the shirts symbolize contemporary art that is currently available for a very limited number of people, but it is in our power to give the public the opportunity to get acquainted with the talented representatives of the arts and create a demand for contemporary cultural values accessible for all Latvians. 

The T-shirt collection is designed by Atis Artemjevs, an internationally recognised LV fashion designer. It is important to emphasize that the shirts are produced in Latvia, using the skills and work of the locals. The T-shirt collection is available for sale in limited number of units in Paviljons concept store (Terbatas street 55, Riga LV-1001, Latvia, +371 25474702 and Riija (Dzirnavu street 66-2, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia,, +371 67284828). 

Ritums relaxing in his studio wearing the Tshirt in support of the future art museum
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