This series was displayed at "No Painting", a group show of 10 international artists, 2005, Tallinn Art House (Estonia), curator Anders Härm.

"Everywhere we go we can see signs like “No Photos!”, but has anyone ever seen a sign saying “No Painting!”? " / Peeter Linnap.

All ten of the artists participating in this exhibition work somewhere between painting and picture, although their methods may be quite different. The point of departure for this exhibit is to find different painting-based author positions in the field of contemporary art, but not to create an exhibit of paintings. No Painting!

All the artists are represented with series of works or conceptual projects as opposed to the “single picture cult” often encountered in painting. The exhibition allows the artists’ personal methods, worldview and portrayal systems to be brought forth and thereby also their alternative points of view about the status of things as the mainstream media produces it.