​Commission for Court of Justice

Foto: Jānis Deināts
​The ​​Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg has commissioned artist Ritums Ivanovs to make a drawing of the current Latvian president Mr. Egils Levits. On September 28, 2022, Ivanovs met President Egils Levits in Riga Castle, the official residence of the President of Latvia. The purpose of the meeting was to meet & greet and to discuss and comment the charcoal drawing made of Mr. Levits that later this autumn will be displayed at the large Judges´ hall of Court of Justice of Luxembourg.
Executed with a high level of photorealism characteristic to Ivanovs, the artwork was commissioned by Court of Justice earlier in 2022, on account of Mr. ​​Levits having worked as a Judge at the Court from 2004 to 2019, after which he took on the tasks of Latvian President as of May 2019.

The drawing is an addition to two other official commissions mastered by Ivanovs — he has twice been appointed to paint Latvian presidents for the Latvian Official State commission: in 2012 he painted Mr. Valdis Zatlers (President 2007-2011) and in 2017, Mr. Andris Berzins (President 2011–2015).

The Court of Justice of the European Union is the judicial branch of the European Union. Seated in Luxembourg City, this EU institution is the chief judicial authority of the European Union and oversees the uniform application and interpretation of European Union law, in co-operation with the national judiciary of the member states.
Foto: Jānis Deināts

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